Bianca….. WHITE, a color representative of harmony and beauty (as it is composed of all the colors of the iris), expressing youth, honesty, light, simplicity, perfection, innocence and sincerity.
White is YES in the color language. From ancient times, it dressed all Greek goddesses.

The inspirer and founder of the company, Dimitrios Vodas, after 20 years of business and having traveled to Europe,Mediterranean, the Balkans and the East, full of images, envisioned and inspired Bianca, having in mind the Greek women and the colors of Greece.
Bianca, as a company, is aiming at its upward trend, both in Greece and abroad.

It promotes the design of an urban chic aesthetic for women who know how to choose and dress in style, comfort and elegance.
Excellent design,clothing pattern , quality fabrics and seam, and the privilege of being 100% Greek product, makes Premium company.

The main concern and priority of the company is to stay high pedestal in fashion, because fashion is an exception.

The team of the company, made up of fashion experienced and reputable professionals , helps to reinforce and maintain the look and motto of the company “Let our clothes speak ,instead of us”

Our success, lies behind your beauty and happy faces!